7 Weird and Wacky Asian Superstitions

Instead of focusing on only one superstition today, I thought we’d focus on several strange and weird superstitions in Asia!

1. Nail Clipping

There are a couple variations of this particular superstition.  In the Philippines, it is believed that clipping your nails or toenails at night will lead to a death in the family.  In China, however, cutting nails at night is a surefire way to invite ghosts and evil spirits into your home.

2. Third Time’s the Charm?

Being a bridesmaid is something that most people look forward to, unless of course your best friend picks a horrid color for her bridesmaid dresses.  In Chinese superstition, it’s incredibly bad luck to be a bridesmaid more than three times.  If so, you won’t be able to find yourself a husband.  So better tell all your friends if they want you as their bridesmaid they best get married first!

3. A Sight for Sore Eyes

Everyone likes butterflies, right? It’s practically an knee-jerk reaction to reach out a hand in the hopes of one landing on you when you see a butterfly.  That’s great and all, but you should avoid touching your eyes after you’ve touched a butterfly because in Korea it is believed that you’ll go blind!

4. One is the Loneliest Number

Have you ever seen a mirror on the front door of a home or business? In Vietnam mirrors on the front door are used to ward off dragons.  As the story goes, the dragon will see itself in the mirror and assume that there’s already a dragon in the house. Dragons believe that there can only be one in any given building so it will move on from your home if it sees itself in the mirror.

5. Didn’t Your Mama Ever Tell You It’s Rude to Point?

It’s literally a person’s first instinct when they find something cool or different to point at it, right? Yeah……not always a good idea.  In Chinese lore, the moon takes offense to being pointed at and makes your ears fall off in punishment! I mean……I’m sure you could maybe still hear out the holes in the side of your head but why risk it?

6. Napping After Eating

Have you ever eaten so much at a meal that you practically fall into a food coma and desire nothing else than a quick cat nap?  In Southeast Asia, if you fall asleep after eating you turn into a snake! Japanese myth states that you’ll turn into a pig, cow, or even an elephant.  Granted being a snake might be pretty cool but I don’t think I’d actually like to permanently turn into an animal at all……

7. Isn’t Always the Right Time to Kill a Spider?

In my mind it’s always a good time to kill a spider.  Well……apparently not in Japan! If you see a spider in the morning, give it a friendly hello if you want but don’t kill it! Spiders in the morning are said to bring you good fortune.  On the contrary, if you see a spider at night…..torch it.  Night spiders are signs of bad luck and you can only reverse your fortune by promptly killing them!


What do you guys think? Personally, my favorite is inviting spirits into my house by clipping my nails at night.  As someone who messes with a Ouija board at least once a year, I’m not sure it’s possible to invite many more spirits into my house but it’s definitely an interesting concept.  On the flip side I’m going to try my best not to offend the moon……as much as I despise my ears I don’t think I want to be Mr. Potatohead since my ears have fallen off completely…….

~ Jordan

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