Busted! I Know Who You Are!

Busted! is a new variety show/crime drama that aired on Netflix between May 4th and June 1st of this year!  Featuring a star studded cast including Yu Jae-suk, Ahn Jae-wook, Kim Jeong-min, Lee Kwang-soo, Park Min-young, EXO’s Sehun, and gugudan’s Sejeong, this show will have your heart racing and your sides splitting!

Busted Netflix

Busted! is about a team of detectives who are gathered by a mysterious man named M to participate in a murder game party.  However, M is murdered before the game can even start and the team of amateur detectives is suddenly thrown into a race to discover who the next victim will be and prevent their murder.  Things soon grow more complicated as the team discovers evidence of “Project D”, a project which they learn they themselves are participants.

Throughout the rest of the series, the team of detectives face betrayal, puzzles, mystery, and even a bit of competition as they solve different cases to try and discover what exactly “Project D” entails.  Busted CollageAlong the way, they meet other celebrity guests such as Kangnam, Yoo Yeon-seok, the 5URPRISE boys, Wendy, Hong Jong-hyun, John Park and Cha Yu-ram.  For anyone who likes detective mysteries and is ready for a good laugh, I would highly recommend this series! Just recently, it was revealed that Busted! has been approved for season 2 with the full original cast!


I really enjoyed this series! I was in a sort of rut drama wise and wasn’t real sure what I wanted to watch but when I saw this on Netflix I knew I had to see it! The slapstick comedy and sudden switch between seriousness and silly had me holding back giggles every episode.  Each episode is an hour and a half long give or take but the series goes quick!  My only real complaint is the subtitles move really fast.  Sometimes there are a lot of things on screen to read and I found myself replaying parts of the video several times just to make sure I had read/seen everything in the scene.

Have any of you seen Busted! yet? What did you guys think of it? It’s quickly become one of my favorites ❤

~ Jordan

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