Dame Na Watashi Ni Koishite Kudasai

Hey guys! Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about the manga Dame Na Watashi Ni Koishite Kudasai, or Please Love the Useless Me. If you’re looking for a good comedy/romance manga then this is one you might want to look at!

Now I’m not one for romance manga but something just drew me to this one and I’m glad it did! It focuses on a 30 year old woman who is looking for romance and ends up finding a man younger than her. She tries to keep him happy by buying him clothes and things he wants; refusing to buy herself anything in the process, but he doesn’t have any romantic interest in her at all. The company she worked at went bankrupt and she keeps failing interviews. She ends up running into one of her old bosses, Kurosawa, one day and he ends up offering her a job.

This manga is very adorable and I couldn’t stop reading it until I reached the most recent chapter! It isn’t finished yet but it is still one of my favorite romance mangas. The interaction between the characters will make you laugh and the plot development will have you feeling like you’re riding on an emotional roller coaster.

Have you read Dame Na Watashi Ni Koishite Kudasai? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of it!!


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