Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is an optimistic sweet high school girl. She lives with her grandfather after her mother dies in a car crash. Tohru soon moves out of her grandfather’s house due to the unkind and unsupportive family members. Tohru is making due in the woods in a Fruits-Basket-Poster-Silk-Wall-Posters-Kyo-Sohma-Shigure-Sohma-Anime-Poster-Print-Wall-Decor-22X16INCH.jpgtent, but lucky for her she finds a house to stay in.

Yuki Sohma is the most popular guy in her school he lives with his cousin Shigure and they offer Tohru a room, but when their other cousin Kyo shows up, Tohru learns the dark secret of the Sohma family the Sohma family is possessed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever the Sohma’s are under stress, embarrassed or hugged by the opposite sex they turn into the animals of their zodiac.

Tohru agrees to keep their secret with her positive influence she helps the Sohma family and she decides to try and find a way to break the cure, only to find out that it is much darker and deeper then she thought. Yet, slowly Tohru changes the lives of the Sohma family forever.

furuba-norma-editorial-2What I love most about Fruits Basket is the Sohma family who are possessed by the Zodiac animals have the characteristics of the animals they represent. Which makes it fun to see how a snake, boar, rat or dog would act in certain situations. The anime has fun characters that you quickly grow attached too. If you love the Chinese Zodiac then make sure to watch and or read the anime Fruits Basket.

~XO, Niki

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