My Top 6 LuHan Songs

I’ve held LuHan close to my heart ever since I first got into kpop; he’s my ultimate bias and I even have his logo tattooed on my dominant wrist.  His songs never fail to lift my mood and I always smile whenever I see a new post on Instagram.  Take a look below at six of my favorite LuHan songs and stay tuned this week as we journey through some of our favorite LuHan moments.

1. LU:  My friend at the time showed me this song and said that she really didn’t like it but was showing it to me so I would know of it.  To her absolute shock and mild horror, I fell in love with it from the first listen and never looked back.  “LU” is so fun and it always makes me smile whenever it comes on.  Who doesn’t love a good song telling you to “blow it like a flute”?


2. That Good Good: Any song that talks about the length of one’s manhood deserves to be recognized.  That’s pretty much all that needs to be said here.


3. Roleplay:  This one caught my attention immediately.  LuHan has had to deal with a lot of craziness and this song fires back at his so called “fans” who stalk him and act out to get his attention.  He takes shots at those people who show up at his house and try to catch him off-guard.  I like this one a lot because it shows a side of LuHan that fans don’t usually get to see; we see him angry in “Roleplay” and it’s definitely a change of pace but I’m glad to see the different facets of his personality present in his music.


4. Catch Me When I Fall:  Where in “Roleplay” we see LuHan’s anger, in “Catch Me When I Fall” we see a part of LuHan’s vulnerability.  He talks about his struggles in the spotlight and asks who’s going to catch him if everything becomes too much for him.  It breaks my heart to hear this song but at the same time I adore it for its genuine tone and dose of realism.  A lot of people may glorify being famous but LuHan really hammers home the struggles and harsh realities in “Catch Me When I Fall” and that’s what really endears me to it even as my heart breaks for him.


5. Your Song: This one completely melts my heart and makes my soul pretty much glow.  It’s such a sweet song, speaking of promises to always have the song if his girl ever forgets their time together.  LuHan promises to only sing this song for her because it’s her song.  My favorite MV outfit of all time is in this video as well; LuHan in a leather jacket is a concept I can always get behind.  “Your Song” never fails to give me the warm fuzzies whenever I hear it.


6. Excited:  The beat for “Excited” is one of my favorites of all of LuHan’s songs.  It’s really catchy to me and often gets stuck in my head.  This concept also suits him really well and I love the choreo in the video.

Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite LuHan song and why you chose it!

~ Jordan

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