LuHan’s Favorite Things

Ever wonder what your bias’ favorite things are? Or if your favorite shares something you like? Wonder no more! Today we are exploring some of LuHan’s favorite things!

Favorite Color: Red, Blue and BlackCv6MnqAUIAA3pvN

Favorite Food: Not really picky with food but likes stir-fried eggs with cucumbers

Favorite Films: Horror Films and Detective Films

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint

Favorite Cartoon: Dragonball, Death Note, Naruto

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Subject: PE

Favorite Number: 7

Need more of LuHan check out this video of him answering question while solving a Rubik cube in record time! Also be sure to check out LuHan’s new drama Sweet Combat airing on Dramafever and Viki.

~XO, Niki

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