20 Once Again

Hey guys! Kennie here and today I am going to be talking about LuHan’s first movie, 20 Once Again.

20 Once Again is about a 70 year old woman, Shen Meng Jun, who is prideful and likes to point out the faults in other people. After her daughter in law faints due to stress caused by her, her family decides to place her in a nursing home. She wanders the streets one night and comes across a photo studio, where she decides to have her picture taken. When she leaves she finds out she has been transformed into her 20 year old self again. She changes her name to Meng Lijun and then decides to join her grandson’s band and tries to live out her dream of becoming a singer.

This is a romantic comedy and is an entertaining movie to watch. LuHan played Meng Jun’s grandson in this movie. He started his own band and after Meng Jun’s apperance changed, asked her to become the singer for the band. LuHan did a very good job acting in this movie and it showcased his talent in acting. 20 Once Again is a wonderful movie that helped open the door to LuHan’s acting career.

Did you guys like out review? If you did let us know in the comments below!


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