Favorite LuHan Moments


Hey guys! Kennie here and today I am going to talk about some of my favorite LuHan moments!

Ladybug LuHan

This is from an episode of Ace vs Ace where celebrities are divided into teams and compete against each other. In this episode LuHan plays a game where he has to where a Ladybug costume. Each team must try and get as many of the opposite teams Ladybugs belly up by the end of the round and whoever has the most is the winning team. It results in one of the most comical things you will ever see.

LuHan watching Soccer

LuHan is a big soccer fan and here is the proof. He gets so absorbed in the game and excited as a fan how can you not love seeing it? I would hate to see what happens when his team loses…

LuHan and Animal’s

LuHan has posted on his YouTube of many of his interactions with animals and it always melts my heart. He is so kind hearted towards them and cares for the ones in need. just watch the video below to see!

LuHan Eating

Seeing one of my favorite singers eat is something that makes me very happy. The fact that they are eating and enjoying some delicious food is one of my favorite things to see. Here is LuHan enjoying some KFC so much he starts singing about it!

LuHan Laughing

Who doesn’t love to watch people laugh? LuHan has such a happy and cheerful laugh its hard not to smile when you hear it! Have a listen for yourself in the video below!

Let us know what your favorite LuHan moment is in the comments below!



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