Sweet Combat

Sweet Combat

Ming Tian (Lu Han) is a sweet young man who is determine to make sure his younger sibling have a safe and comfortable life. Which means Ming Tian works lots of

Tianmi Baoji 7.jpg

part time jobs to make sure he can feed his younger twin siblings. Soon Ming Tian’s life turns around as he gets a scholarship to Zheng Ze University a college known for its athletic sports. Not only is Ming Tian not athletic he happens to be the only boy at Zheng Ze which gains him instant popularity.

Ming Tian meets Fang Yu ( Guan Xiao Tong) a heiress of a giant company and Zheng Ye boxing champion. Although Ming Tian and Fang Yu start off on the wrong foot they soon become friends. With competitions, coming


Fang Yu is tasked with helping Ming Tian in the boxing ring, but what happens when Ming Tian won’t fight back?

Sweet Combat is a great romantic drama that follows the hardships of Ming Tian and Fang Yu as they grow closer together and their feelings become stronger. This drama has a great character line up and you’ll fall in love with the supporting cast just as much as the main leads. If you love drama, love and material arts then Sweet Combat is definitely a must watch.

~XO, Niki

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