Best LuHan Television Ads

As we conclude our Week of LuHan, I wanted to take a look at some of my favorite television ads that he’s been in.  Be warned, I apparently have a great deal of fondness of KFC; you’ll see what I mean!  Thank you all for coming along on this celebration of Xiao Lu, enjoy these wacky commercials, and stay tuned next month for another Artist Spotlight!

2017 KFC Chizza

Classic Colonel Sanders comes in his office only to see all his pictures taken down and antlers drawn on his portrait.  Enraged, he asks who did such a thing and who should appear in his office chair but LuHan! The Colonel gets enraged at this younger, more popular Colonel and challenged him to a duel.  So of course LuHan pulls out a lightsaber and cuts up the coat hanger next to him, making him the obvious winner of the duel.  I had so much fun watching him that I completely forgot all about the “Chizza” until the end when LuHan entices watchers with it at the end!

2017 Crest Smile Campaign

LuHan is the spokesman for Crest in a bid to start a smile campaign in China.  The commercial informs you that China’s happiness was ranked 79th overall and that people in China are smiling less and less.  So LuHan, together with Crest, asks people to start smiling again.  And if you buy one of the three smile packages, the package comes with a holographic image of LuHan himself to “pass on the image of his smile.” This is such smart advertising and honestly, I couldn’t help but smile while watching this.  Not gonna lie though, I wish we could get those smile packages here >.>

2018 KFC Chicken Rock

I got huge Black Ops vibes with this commercial.  Have you guys ever played Team Deathmatch?  I’m absolutely awful at it but the point is for your team to still be standing at the end of the time limit and to have the most kills.  After a certain number of kills, you can drop a care package (similar to what is seen here) but any team can get it so you just have to make sure your team is there first.

Colonel Lu leads his team to the care package in a rather entertaining set of circumstances.  Once they get there, they encounter the other team and engage in a bit of a wild goose chase around the container.  LuHan finally knocks out the other team by smacking the leader in the face with the heavy metal door.  Inside is a giant supply of KFC chicken.  The following montage of chicken has got to be the best looking, most delicious chicken I’ve ever seen.

2016 KFC Original+

I honestly don’t know what I love more about this commercial: LuHan looking absolutely boyfriend or the completely adorable robot he’s talking to.  I have no idea exactly what the Original+ is but I would definitely use it after seeing this commercial.

2017 OFO Little Yellow Bike

LuHan is seriously boyfriend in this commercial.  He draws his logo in burning lines in the air then keeps drawing it bigger and bigger.  Finally he asks if it’s still too small then comes riding in on an OFO Little Yellow Bike and invites those watching to draw the biggest one yet with him.  This 30 second ad is enough to completely melt my heart and make me desire an OFO Little Yellow Bike…….


Watching these commercials seriously makes me think the U.S. needs to up its commercial game.  After seeing these, I very much wanted to purchase these products (even though I’m an ocean away and can’t actually get those versions of them).  What did you guys think?  Do you feel a sudden craving for Chinese KFC like I do?

~ Jordan

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