BTS has been dominating in everything they do! Whether it’s the music charts, music shows, and of course skin care lines. Is there anything BTS can’t do? The answer to that is no. Lol BTS has been very busy this year. Launching their latest album “LOVE YOURSELF Answer” and also working on their tour, launching their new LG phone and working along side Puma on their new line of shoes.

These 7 amazingly handsome and talented boys have taken the world by storm. Wether you’re an old school army or you just joined this amazing fandom, young or old everyone is truly welcome. But there’s something I wanna show you guys. I was on the Chicago tour stop for both days. And let me tell y’all IT WAS TRULY EPIC! Every song, every performance, every ARMY felt the love and we Ofcourse shouted and cheered. This tour was truly epic and different, here are some videos

and pics.

Before this tour even started there was a lot of fans camping outside for several days. ARMYs from all over either flew in, drove several hours, or took the bus just to get to Chicago for this tour stop. I’m truly inspired by this fandom. Specially their dedication! I wanna send a special shout out to all the ARMYs out there that legit helped me out on this tour. And most of all I wanna thank BTS for inspiring us and motivating us to Love Ourselves! Have an amazing week guys! xoxo Annabelle

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