Lee Chae-rin: Becoming CL

Lee Chae-rin was born in Seoul, South Korea on February 26, 1991. Her childhood was mostly spent in Japan and France but traveled around a lot due to her father’s job as a Physics Professor. As a result, Lee Chae-rin, also known as CL, can speak Korean, Japanese, English and French.

CL trained at JYP Entertainment until she signed her first music contract with YG Entertainment in 2007. Debuting as a member of 2NE1, CL would kickstart her career as a talented rapper and would be well on her way to eventually ascend her throne as “Queen.” 2NE1 was wildly popular until their disbandment in 2016 but CL didn’t let this hurdle stop her.

With her release of ‘Hello Bitches’ and ‘Doctor Pepper’, CL really began to cement herself as a solo artist. At the end of 2016, CL would kick off her first U.S. tour to much love and excitement from her fans; and what a tour it would be! ❤️❤️ Throughout the next year CL would work hard on developing her solo activities in the United States, leading up to star in Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Mile 22’ in early 2018.

Stay tuned this week for more of CL as we shine a spotlight on her and her amazing career! Make sure to follow CL on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news and updates and be on the lookout for us here at Weibuzz as we bring you October’s Artist Spotlight!

~ Jordan

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