Mile 22

CL is making her Hollywood acting debut in the new action thriller movie Mile 22. 97AA71BA-9A06-4A7D-B93A-D4D01650DE92 Iko Uwais and Mark Wahlberg star in this American espionage movie about a CIA operative James Silva who leads a small team on a dangerous mission. The operation:  to transport a foreign intelligence asset from the American embassy in Southeast Asia to an airfield that is 22 miles away.

As all operations go Silva and his team find themselves in a race against time as gangs, police and the milarty also want the asset. This crime action movie has a Bourne feel too  it, so if your a big Jason Bourne fan be 68481290-8D59-4B07-9558-25CBCCB455A0sure to add this movie to your watchlist. Not only dose it have action, but it also has 2NE1 leader CL as Queen a ruthless killer who is apart of the Overwatch organization. Be sure to check out Mile 22 and CL being a bad ass in her sleek black suit as soon as it hits your local redbox!

~XO, Niki


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