CL’s Solo Songs

Hey there guys! Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about all of CL’s Solo Songs she has released so far.

The Baddest Female

You guys remember CL’s opening at the Olympic Closing Ceremony this year?”This is for all the bad girl’s around the world, not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good you know. Let’s light is up and let it burn like we don’t care, let them now how if feels damn good to be bad.” Cl’s most iconic line comes from this song, all about how she is “the Baddest Female.”



MTBD is about how her music will get stuck in your head and you will have to listen to it everyday.


Hello Bitches

This is CL’s song talking about how successful she has become and is living her life to it’s fullest. She talks of all the places she gets to go and all the things she gets to do in this song and sounds like she is living her life with no regrets.



Lifted is her most recent song and its about her life and the things she gets to do since she started her career. She also talks about her music style and how it has become songs that people love.


Have you heard all her songs? Let us know what you thought of them in the comments below!



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