Meet Mija a 10 year old girl who is the caretaker and companion to Okja – a gigantic Okja_FF_004R.0super pig. Okja may be huge but she has a caring heart. She lives in the mountains of South Korea with Mija and her grandpa. Soon there happy life of adventure and playing comes to an end when a multinational Corporation who created Okja wants her back.

Mija finds herself rushing to Seoul to save her friend who will soon be transported to New York where the self obsessed CEO can’t wait to put her devious plan into action.  Mija risked everything to save her friend and soon OKJAfinds herself in a battle with the CEO, animal activist and scientific ethics.  Will Mija be able to rescue her best friend before the unthinkable happens?

Okja is a science fiction drama that I recommend as it sheds some light into animal cruelty.  It’s an amazing film and I kind of want a Okja myself. Be sure to add Okja to your Netflix’s watch list!

~XO, Niki


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