Inspiration From the Queen

CL is such a genuine and down to Earth person and she’s never been afraid to speak her mind and adhere to her principles. Here are a few of my favorite quotes by CL that help motivate and inspire me to be the best!

This one really struck a chord with me. Growing up, I was never popular or even well-liked by my peers. I was too different and the people around me took exception to that. I struggled a lot with loneliness and anxiety but it gave me so much comfort to know that there was someone out there who knew what I was going through, at least a little.

CL has so much drive and determination to succeed; just hearing how much passion and vitality she has makes me want to work that much harder towards accomplishing my goals. Seeing everything that she’s accomplished in her career gives me hope that as long as I believe in myself and my abilities, I can do anything.

I can’t even tell you how many times someone has asked me why I listen to Asian music when I can’t understand what they’re saying. Naturally my response is always: “People who listen to free form jazz don’t know how to speak saxophone but they still enjoy the music.” It always drives me insane because I don’t need to speak the language to connect with the emotions and message in the songs. I can still take comfort in a song, or fall apart and break down because of the depth in the lyrics; I don’t need to understand the language for me to “understand” the song.

This is one is probably my favorite of the ones I’ve given you. I’ve always taken pride in being unique and CL really seems to understand the need to be yourself. She’s never been afraid to stick to who she is and I absolutely adore that about her. No matter what anyone says, she’s always stayed true to what she believes in and that’s something that I aspire to be. One day I’d like to be comfortable and happy with who I am just like her!

Do you guys have a favorite CL quote?

~ Jordan

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