Shirime (尻目)

Imagine someone calling you over, dropping their clothes and bending over to present you with a fantastic view of their naked butt. Congratulations! You’ve just met Shirime!

Shirime doesn’t seem to be overly harmful over all; it just takes the greatest delight in scaring people. One day you could be walking down the road at night, minding your own business, when suddenly someone calls you over and asks if you can spare a moment.


So you walk over to this stranger and, before you can answer, they drop their kimono, bend over, spread their cheeks and present you with the brightly glowing eye smack in the middle of their butt hole. You stare in abject horror and shirime vanishes. It’s not out to scare you or anything……just scare the pants off you (or off itself as the case may be).

Shirime has the appearance of an ordinary man wearing a kimono but he has no facial features. He’s sort of like what Slenderman would look like if he was an ordinary man if that makes any sense. Shirime also goes by nuppori-bōzu and a common theory is that shirime’s true form is just a shapeshifting animal (maybe a tanuki or mischievous kitsune) playing a prank on unsuspecting humans.

~ Jordan

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