Jun Drama and Musical Appearances

Hey guys, Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about Jun’s Appearances in Musical and Drama’s.

Jun has started making his acting debut and has appeared in some Drama’s. He mainly does cameo’s in his roles but does very good with his acting in all of his roles. You can tell that even though he isn’t a main role in the drama he takes his acting very seriously and performs well for the short amount of time he has. Some of his cameo’s include I Need Romance 3, Age of Youth 2, Persevere, Goo Hae Ra and Meloholic.

He also performed a bit in the musical Peste, a musical adaption of the book The Plague by Albert Camus. In an interview he had about the drama he says that he was excited that he had been given the opportunity to participate in the musical, and that it was something he had dreamed of. You can tell how dedicated he is and how much the opportunity to act in this musical meant to him in just a short interview.

Have you guys seen any of the drama’s Jun has been in? if so let us know what you thought of his acting in the comments below!




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