My Favorite Jun Moments

Jun has some of my favorite reactions and expressions of emotion. He’s so exaggerated in his expressions and he never fails to make me laugh or smile. Here are a few of my favorite moments with Jun:

1. “Mi Gente” Scare Prank:

I’ve always loved watching idols get startled because they always have the beast reactions. Watching A.C.E, we start with Sehyoon who is not scared in the least and progress through the members. Jun goes last and his soul 100% leaves his body. He gets so frightened that he immediately flies out of his chair and cringes against the wall as soon as he notices the person next to him. Jun’s worldview got drastically shifted with this experience and declares that J. Balvin’s “Mi Gente” is a very scary music video.

2. Donghun Bothering Jun

These two are so ridiculous when they’re together XD. Jun loves to mess with the other members and is always taking weird pictures of them and filming them with weird filters. Donghun gives as good as he gets and likes to badger Jun in retaliation. One of my favorite moments is when he films Jun singing in the shower through the bathroom door then casually turning the lights off on him.

Another of my favorite DongJun moments just happened earlier this month. Donghun rapped on the door and kept knocking until Jun eventually opened the door very annoyed and confused. Jun’s face has got to be one of the best things; he’s so shook and irritated. His exasperation once he figures out that it’s just Donghun filming him is absolutely priceless

3. Jun’s Violent Love

Jun loves his members so much that sometimes he just can’t contain his fierce emotions. Most people show their love in hugs, kisses on the cheek, ruffling hair or other such actions…….not Junhee 😂😂😂 Jun prefers to show his love with violence and no member is safe from Jun’s strangling, chopping, smacking, and other violent forms of expression!

4. Jun Tries to Be Sexy

Jun can be very sexy when he wants to be but sometimes you just have to laugh. One such time is when A.C.E first debuted they were asked to show their best pose. Jun went over the top to the entertainment and incredulity of the other members

Then there are the times that you can’t help but be struck dumb by him. He just sweeps you off your feet and takes your breath away. Jun’s duality is seriously at the top. Check out this Sexy Jun Compilation and try not to die!

I could go on forever how much I’m in love with this man but that would make a very lengthy post indeed. So for now, I’ll leave you now that you’re all probably reading this from the grave! Jun is one of my favorite idols and I hope that you all now share some of my love for this ridiculous, sexy scaredy cat 💕❤️

~ Jordan

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