Meeting Jun and A.C.E

A.C.E has been one of my favorite groups since I saw them debut with ‘Cactus’ in those short shorts (you all know exactly what I’m talking about >.>).  My group chat immediately exploded about the guys with the short shorts and the amazing thighs; everyone was practically drooling.  Here’s a small reminder courtesy of M2 in case anyone has forgotten:

I’ve said since the very beginning that I would sell my soul to see them if A.C.E ever toured here.  Then a year later, My Music Taste announced their tour and I swear I almost cried.  Jun and the boys have come so far and I couldn’t be more excited for the chance to see them live.  Then I saw the benefits and knew I had to have V.I.P so I would be able to meet them, if only just quickly at Hi-touch, and tell them how much I love them.

Jun’s vocals never fail to send chills down my spine.  He’s got such a clear and strong voice that I just can’t help but be drawn to him.  Not to mention his dancing….he’s so powerful and commands my attention as soon as he makes his first few moves.  Seeing that smile and hearing his voice in person has been a dream of mine since I first saw ‘Cactus’ and I can’t even tell you all how much it means to me that I’ll see him and the rest of A.C.E live tomorrow.

‘Take Me Higher’ and ‘Black and Blue’ are two of my favorite songs and I’m completely stoked to get to hear them in person; and see the choreo that hopefully comes with crop tops of course! Do you guys have a favorite song? Listen to two of mine below:


I hope to see you all tomorrow in Chicago to support these amazing boys! Let us know in the comments your favorite A.C.E song and what you love about them! Have an amazing time at the concert guys; I know I will! And remember to be safe ❤

~ Jordan

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