My beloved angel

Today… it’s one of those days where we remember our beloved Jonghyun. Last year around 3am (central standard time) I had woken up to 46 missed calls from my friend in Korea and a few missed calls and messages from a friend here in the U.S. I didn’t feel like checking my phone but my friend called me again before I went back to sleep. When i answer he told me to sit down, so I did. Then he said “Annabelle… Jonghyun committed suicide. We still don’t know if they saved him or not. Please stay awake so i can keep you updated” as soon as i heard those words I stayed on the phone with my friend logged into my laptop, my iPad stayed on my phone and connected to everyone in Korea to know exactly what was going on. One of my good friends was outside the SM building when they had confirmed that Jonghyun didn’t make it. And that’s when i lost it. My heart broke, and i didn’t have the courage to update or tell anyone the bad news. But i knew i had to do it. So i updated everyone from famous YouTube friends, to even news papers here in the U.S about losing our beloved angel. The news spread like a wild fire. My phone kept blowing up with ppl asking me to confirm the news and i honestly couldn’t even do it. All i kept thinking about was how am i suppose to conform the news and break fans hearts? But i still did it. I called every shawol i knew and checked up on a few friends as well. We all supported each other, cried, and all over the world fans started doing small ceremonies for our angel. Today marks a year that Jonghyun has been gone. And in a way it still hurts. But I know our beloved angel is watching over us. So let’s not cry 😢 today. Let’s just smile and remember how blessed we were to have had an amazing angel like Jonghyun. Thank you Jonghyun for being the most amazingly handsome, talented, Dow to earth angel. We love you always and forever xoxo Annabelle

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