America’s Favorite Llama!

Amber Josephine Liu was born September 18, 1992 in California to Taiwanese parents.  She has an older sister named Jackie and a son, NCT’s Ten XD

Amber loved playing sports and skateboarding in school, even cutting off her long hair to make playing sports more comfortable and to avoid having to put her hair in a ponytail.  Amber LiuShe also enjoys taekwondo and practices her moves whenever she has time in her schedule.

Some of her other favorite things include:

Number: 9 and 22

Food: Ddeukbokki

Fruit: Mango (She is allergic so she just has to be careful not to touch them when she eats them)

Music Genre: R&B

Color: Red

Amber is an extremely social person and knows three languages: English, Korean and Chinese.  Her best friends are Ailee, Miss A’s Min and SNSD’s Hyoyeon but she is also really good friends with Eric Nam, Henry, Jia, Taeyeon, Ten, Jackson, JB, DAY6, and many other idols.  Amber also has three celebrity crushes: Tori Kelley, Hikaru Utada, and Chris Evans.

Amber Red LightFirst debuting in 2009 at SM Entertainment as a member of f(x), Amber quickly became an international favorite for her clear voice and her tomboyish looks.  Her devil-may-care attitude and willingness to break the stereotype has been the source of inspiration for many people and drew her many fans and haters alike (We all remember the now famous search for Amber’s chest XD).

In 2015 she made her solo debut with her EP Beautiful.  This album would end up cresting the Billboard World Album chart at number 2 and featured Taeyeon on the title Track ‘Shake That Brass.’  Just one year later she would release her first fully English MV for ‘Breathe Again’ and just this year Amber released her debut English album Rogue Rogue.

Amber has featured in many different songs with artists such as Eric Nam, SUPERFRUIT, and most recently James.  She even directed Tia Cuevas’ debut music video and featured in Taiwanese singer Danson Tang’s video for ‘I’m Back’!  This month Amber embarked on her North American tour Gone Rogue.

How did you guys first become Embers? Do you have a favorite memory of everyone’s favorite llama?  Catch up with Amber on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

~ Jordan

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