Kurote (くろて)

As the holidays draw nearer, I thought I’d give you all something real great this month! After all….nothing quite says Christmas like a good bum stroking!

I can already feel the weird looks directed my way so let me introduce you to Kurote, hailing from the Noto peninsula in Ishikawa!9386af0d7a9bc330e64532500e40f971.jpg

Kasamatsu Jingobei was a samurai living in the Noto peninsula in a nice house with his wife.  One day, she went to the restroom and she felt a hand reach up out of the toilet and stroke her butt.  Understandably concerned, she called her husband in and he saw a big, hairy black hand reaching out of the toilet, stroking the air.  He did what any irritated husband with a sharp thing would do……..he cut the hand off and shoved it in a box.

Three priests came to Jingobei’s house a few days later and told him they sensed a mysterious presence in his house.  He showed the priests the hand that he had cut off and the second priest confirmed that it belonged to a kurote living in humans’ toilets.  The third priest immediately turned into a 9 foot black haired monster and claimed the hand as his.  The three priests vanished right after.

Sounds like a fun time, right? Jingobei’s story doesn’t quite end here.  He was walking home at night much later when a quilt fell from the sky on top of him.  He was lifted seven feet into the air and body-slammed into the ground.  When he woke up, the sword he had used to cut off Kurote’s hand had vanished.

Next time you go to the toilet, lend a thought to Kurote and if you should feel something stroking you….well……have a sword handy.

~ Jordan

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