Favorite Amber Moments

Hey guys! Kennie here and today I wanna talk about some of my favorite Amber moments!

Where’s My Chest?

This is a video from her YouTube channel that never fails to make me laugh! It’s a video of her reading hate comments and she begins it off with what becomes the main focus of the whole video, “oh my gad AMBER where ur chest?” This spurs Amber to sarcastically go out into the world, with her friend Bryce, and look for her chest while she very sarcastically answers more of the hate comments.


Llama Song

This is one of the cutest interactions I’ve seen between Amber and another Idol. This is a song the her and Shinee’s Minho sing together, and it is all about Amber and Llamas! so if you love Amber and love Llama’s definitely check this out!


Watermelon Challenge

Watching Amber with her friends is one of my favorite things, but add Eric into the mix and it gets even more hilarious. This is one of the funniest videos I have seen with Amber and watching her have fun with her friends always makes me extremely happy.


Amber and her “Son” Ten

If you haven’t seen yet Amber did an interview with Buzzfeed where she says that she has adopted NCT’s Ten. Seeing some of her other interactions with Ten you can see that they are very close. I love getting to see them together and always brightens my day when they are.


Did you guys see these moments? Was your favorite Amber moment included? Let us know in the comments below!


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