Inspiration from Amber

Today I want to share with you all a few of my favorite quotes and song lyrics from Amber.  She is such a source of inspiration for me and I hope that you can take her words to heart as well.


I feel this quote in my soul.  A lot of times, people hate or fear anything or anyone that is different from them or different from what they think is “normal.” It’s easier for others to judge someone who is different than to try and understand their differences and accept who they are.

Here, Amber is saying that just because someone doesn’t hit your expectations for them doesn’t mean that gives you the right to bring them down.  Embrace others and accept them for who they are; don’t be cruel and ignorant just because someone isn’t who you think they should be.



I feel like the general idea in society is that if you try something once and fail, then obviously you just weren’t meant to be doing that and should move on to something else.  This is such a backwards idea and Amber touches on that in her song ‘Borders.’

Roughly halfway through the song, Amber says “Stand up, fall down, up again” and I think this is something extremely important to talk about.  Even if you should fail, stand back up and keep trying.  Never give up no matter how many times you fall down because the moment you truly lose is when you stop fighting.  Pick yourself up off the ground, dust yourself off, and “fight your way” to the things that really matter to you.


For my last quote, I wanted to talk about what I believe is maybe the most important.  Don’t be afraid to stand out and really be yourself.  Love the differences in every person you meet and take pride in being unique and standing out from everyone else.

But above all else, never judge someone just because they are different from you.  Like Amber said, if we all sang the same thing how could we ever create something beautiful? It’s each difference that makes us who we are and we should take pride in that instead of shaming someone because they’re not just like you.


Amber is one of the most incredible, down-to-Earth people I’ve ever seen and she makes it so easy to relate to her.  She’s so inspirational and I hope that you are all able to take comfort and find love (whether for yourself or someone else) through her words.  Do you guys have a favorite Amber quote?

~ Jordan

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