Filmography of Amber Liu

Amber Liu is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and composer but did you know Amber hasshocham_noti151005194100showchampion0 also starred in a few reality shows and dramas?

In 2011 Amber starred in a series called Invincible Youth 2. She was also a host for Show Champion (2013), We Got Married Global Edition (2014), A Song For You 3 (2014) and did a show called Ailee & Amber One Fine Day which was a travel reality series with singer Ailee.

Amber was also apart of the second female amber-ailee-one-fine-daysoldier edition of Real Men (2015) in which she won Best Female Newcomer Award. In 2015 Amber once again hosted A Song For You 4 and was a panelist on We Got Married (2016).

Amber also was in a drama in 2015 called Top Fly and in 2016 was in Entourage which is a drama about life in the posterentertainment industry.

So the real question what series are you going to binge what first?



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