Amber: Warrior of Social Change

Amber has been known to be one of the more unique styles in the K-pop industry. She has a more androgynous style in the K-pop industry and prefers to wear her muscle shirts and basketball shorts to that of the normal cute tops and skirts many female idols can be seen wearing. She’d rather be herself and have others accept her for who she is than try to be someone she is not. She tends to get a lot of criticism for this but it doesn’t seem to bother her too much as can be seen in her YouTube video “Where is My Chest” where she even cracks a couple jokes about being a man in disguise that a lot of people seem to try to provoke her with.

Amber is very strongly into encouraging people to accept themselves for who they are and reminding them that everyone is different and that even though everyone is different we should still spread kindness and love no matter what. She is also not afraid to apologize for things that she has done wrong and has come to think differently about. One thing Amber is becoming known for is her tattoos. She loves her tattoos and they are something very dear to her. In the past Amber did not agree with girls getting plastic surgery and didn’t understand when one of her friends wanted to get her nose done. She kept asking her, why would you do that, so her friend said back “Amber, you have tattoos so who are you to say I can’t have plastic surgery.” She then realized how insensitive she was and how even though it was meaningless to her it can have meaning to someone else.
Amber uses her experiences to try and help others out and to be a proper role model to those around her and who look up to her. She wants to make sure that she can encourage others to be the best they can be and to try and help others too.


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