“You Never Walk Alone” Album Review


Hello! My name is Maria and I am going to be reviewing some of BTS’ songs from the “You Never Walk Alone” album 🙂

One of the first songs I immediately fell in love with was of course, Intro: Boy Meets Evil by J-Hope. This song didn’t just sound great, but the lyrics behind it also had a deep meaning for me. J-Hope talks about how he is in love with someone and he wants to be with that person, but his conscience tells him otherwise. He turned away from his btsconscience only to get hurt. As he would spend more time with that person he started to realize he should’ve listened to his conscience and stayed away. He was just so invested in the relationship that when he “woke up” he was left with nothing.

In the English translation (from the website ‘Genius Translations’) it says, “Because those lips were too sweet I threw my future away because I was drunk on dating when I woke up, I was surrounded by land mines.” He was emotionally torn that he could fall for someone who would do harm to him. That is why he repeats “Too bad but it’s too sweet It’s too sweet, it’s too sweet” followed by, “It’s too evil, It’s too evil, It’s too evil, Yeah, it’s evil”.

He knew all along he had to separate himself from the other person but was too tempted by their “sweetness” so he couldn’t.  To me, I almost felt what he was feeling in this song. The rap was fast and aggressive which to me portrays how he felt after everything was over. The dance is also aggressive, slowing down at times to represent the times where he just had to cry after all that happened.

Reflection also caught my attention for its meaning.

In this song I feel like RM sees himself and isn’t happy with what he sees. He wants to change for the better but sees no improvement. He starts off by explaining how everyone is different and that we all have different lives. He sees others with their friends and the only “friend” he has is fear because it has never left him alone. That, of course, is not good but he can’t seem to get rid of it because then he’d have nothing.

Later in the song he states “I want to be free, I want to be free from freedom because right now I’m happy but I’m unhappy, I’m looking at myself.” He is going through a pain that is hard to get away from: self hatred. In the end of the song he repeats “I wish I could love myself” then listeners hear fans saying “we love you” or “사랑해.” The fans say this to show him he is not alone, that we will always be with him.

This whole song could be something he just created in his studio but it can also be talking about how he felt in the past. Maybe as a trainee he went through rough times that caused him to feel like this. Something that could support my thought is when he changed his name from Rap Monster to RM.  He once stated in an interview “you are not a monster.” With the new music he has produced and written for the LY album’s he feels like he has matured past what he used to be.

imageOn a happier note, let’s talk about the bop Cypher Pt.4!

This is such a hype song that is why I love it but also because of the lyrics obviously. This track is about telling the haters that they don’t care what they say because the haters have nothing on them. They are striking back at the haters because they aren’t getting affected by the words the haters say. BTS is all the way at the top that they feel their haters should just worry about themselves instead of trying to bring them down. This song shows how great the group is because they won’t let any bad comments lower their self esteem; they will always try their best and love themselves.

Last for today is 21st Century Girls!

This song is another I really love! It’s all about feminism and believing in yourself. It says that whatever other people say women should be able to stand up for ourselves and say what we want because we are enough. If people say we can’t do certain things because imagewe are women that shouldn’t mean anything to us because we can as long as we believe it.

In a line J-Hope says that if someone does say something we can just say that we are J-Hope’s lady [so you know I’m J-hope’s lady;))]. BTS just wants us to live our best lives with no care for others’ negative opinions about ourselves. [lol just love yourself :P]. But, anyways this IS a bop that should be respected because the lyrics are words women should hear 🙂

Were any of you inspired by this album? What was your favorite song?


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