Collaborations That Stuck

Jackson Wang is an incredibly talented artist who shows different sides of his music with each of his collaborations.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Big Byung

We absolutely cannot talk about Jackson without talking about Bug Byung.  Big Byung, meaning ‘Big Bottle’, was formed by Hyungdon and Defconn’s variety show spin-off Hitmaker.  Comprised of Jackson, N and Hyuk from VIXX and Sungjae from BTOB, the group released it’s first single Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!) in 2014.  Here we see Wangkong in all his glory rapping about the stress of food that’s not quite right and holding the girlfriend’s bag while she’s in the bathroom.

In 2015, Wangkong returned with Bug Byung’s Ojingeo Doenjang (오징어 된장).  This one is my favorite of the two; it’s so ridiculous and I can’t help but to laugh every time I hear it.  Featuring giant fur coats, waving squid arms, and the most ridiculous hunting cap, the video will have you in stitches from the first scene.  Jackson’s bromance with the VIXX members continues as well and, as if that’s not enough, for those of you who watch until the end…..Jackson has a special surprise for you!

Hello – Fei ft. Jackson

December of 2018, Fei released her new single Hello ft. Jackson.  At first I wasn’t sure what to think of it but the more I listened to it the more I fell in love.  The song has such an old school, espionage feel to it and the combination of Fei and Jackson is so strong.  Jackson’s lyrics really hit you too, especially when he says “Tired of being your puppet / Wanna stop living like that”

Tia Ray – Lucky Rain ft. Jackson

This song hit me on such a deep level.  First off, Tia’s voice is so beautiful and powerful it gives me cold chills.  Then the MV hits and the visuals are absolutely stunning.  Then Jackson comes in and absolutely slays with his rap and the lyrics…..everything together is amazing! They fit together so well and the ending just has you completely melting.

Jackson has several other collaborations including Bruce Lee by Al Rocco, Different Game by Jackson ft. Gucci Mane, and Can’t Breathe by Eddie Supa.  Do you have a favorite collaboration?

~ Jordan

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