Seventeen: “Home” and “Getting Closer”

Hey! It’s Maria again and I am going to be reviewing “Home” and “Getting Closer” by Seventeen! 🙂 These two tracks will be on their new mini album You Made My Dawn!

Starting off with the title track of the mini album, Home”! When I heard this song I was overwhelmed with everything. The lyrics, visuals, dance, and format of the song were all so beautiful! This song is about a relationship and how the guy (in this case SVT) feels his heart is cold because his partner isn’t “inside” his heart. What I think they mean is that they feel sad without their partner.image

In the chorus they say, “‘Cause I’m your home, home, home” which explains how they want their partner in their heart. They want to be with that person because if they are not they will feel cold, empty, and have a difficult time. If the person isn’t with them they won’t have a “house” to keep them steady. Which to me means that they would also like to be in that person’s heart because their partner is their home as well.

In a way he wants to be there for the other but also wants his partner to be there for him. But, besides that, let me talk about how Wonwoo and Seungcheol both SANG?! They were both amazing especially Wonwoo who sang the chorus the second time in the song. Like I said earlier the visuals were amazing! They literally started the whole MV with shots of them! Also, the structure of the chorus surprised me; I expected the chorus to have a lot of vocals but it was actually very simple and nice. The simple beat complemented the lyrics and the way they were sang. It all just went together. 🙂

Now let’s talk about the bop Getting Closer”! This bop is very different compared to “Home”. It is more upbeat and it has different feel to it. I really like the build up to the imagechorus and it is very intense. This song is also about a relationship. The guy wants to be closer to his partner. His partner is always in his head at all times and the person is kind of taking over his body because it says “Paralyze me, I can’t do anything”.

This all leads him to be looking for his partner and his/her heart. Once he feels like he’s closer, his heart starts to grow. He wants to be with that person because he feels more at ease with them. Basically they want to be with the other at all times. All that I’ve said repeated over the whole song because it is literally just about GETTING CLOSER. (Lol :P)

This is all for now! Are you excited for there new mini album? What’s your favorite bop from the album?


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