Lights, Camera , Jackson!

Jackson is definitely known for his 3D personality and it shows on all of these shows!

5.   Roommate

Image result for Roommate (TV series)


Here we were able to see Jackson in all aspects. We saw both his best and worst moments and learned to love him more as a person.





4.    Law of the Jungle




Here we were able to see how Jackson reacted to the unexpected.





3. Hitmaker

Image result for jackson wang hitmaker


Hitmaker showed us both Jackson’s creative and fun side. As he along with fellow “Big Byung” members learned what it took to be a successful group from their mentors Doni and Coni.



2. Idol Producer



Idol Producer shows us more of Jackson’s serious and caring sides. As he teaches the trainees in the competition about what it takes to be a idol.





1. After School Club (My favorite thing Jackson has been in)


Whether it’s by himself or with the rest of GOT7, Jackson never fails to entertain when he goes on After School Club. From getting too excited over games to fighting with ex-host Eric Nam, Jackson never fails to entertain!



Do you have a favorite Variety Show that Jackson has been in? Let us know in the comments!

– Selene




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