Jackson in Hot Blood Dance Crew

Hey guys, Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about Jackson in the show Hot Blood Dance Crew!

Hot Blood Dance Crew is a Chinese reality show where they bring 191 dancers together and they compete to find the best dancers in China. The dancers can be individual dancers that aren’t signed under an agency or even be from outside of China.

Jackson is one of the mentors in the show and forms a team with LuHan. At the beginning they all had to dance and gain votes for their teams, and during that performance you could see Jackson’s love for dancing. He had been in pain and he performed his dance as if he hadn’t felt anything at all. LuHan and Jackson go out and look for contestants who have the hunger and talent for dance, and that is how they build their team. You can tell as the show goes on how much Jackson cares for his team and the dancers in it. He can feel their passion and love for dance and respects their dedication and tried his hardest to help them succeed.

In Hot Blood Dance Crew you can feel Jackson’s love for dancing and passion to help others succeed in their dream of being China’s best dancers. He takes others hard work and dedication very seriously and does everything in his power to help them succeed.

Did you guys watch our show? Let us know in the comments below what you thought!


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