Jackson’s Funniest Moments

Getting Scared

Everyone loves watching their favorite idols getting scared by one thing or another.  Jackson has one of the best reactions when he gets startled….his entire body reacts! The poor boy just can’t catch a break when it comes to bugs!

Even Jackson’s fans will not let him forget how extremely he dislikes cockroaches XD

The Mystery Box

One of my favorite games ever is the Mystery Box.  In every group there is always one who is over the top and Jackson is it! His soul 100% leaves his body while playing this game.  He makes my day because his first instinct when confronted with something weird in the box is to completely smash it.

Later on when facing Yugyeom, he completely betrays the maknae when they had made a pact to sink together.  Really….is it any surprise that Jackson is the ultimate loser in the end and has to be punished? XD

The Zombie Game

The Zombie Game is another one of my favorites to watch.  Most people go for the usual hiding places: behind a curtain, under a table, behind doors, etc.  Not Jackson…..Jackson shows his incredible strength and hoists himself up to hang from the ledge above the window.  Unfortunately, even Jackson can’t hold out forever and he gets captured.

Jackson is such a fun and dynamic individual!  He always has such the best reactions to life and it always makes me happy to see him laughing and smiling.  What about you guys? What’s your favorite Jackson moment?

~ Jordan

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