CLC Says ‘No’ in Hit New Song!


Hey it’s Maria again and I’m here to talk about the new bop “No” by CLC. I barely just heard of this group and they sound great! Here are my thoughts on the song!:)

Okay so when I first heard this song I immediately thought of self love and being confident. The song sounds so powerful and a little bit intimidating. After reading the English translation, I can see what they are trying to say.

They won’t listen to others because those people aren’t going to listen to them, CLC is only going to listen to themselves. At the beginning Seungyeon starts with the popular CLC Collageline, “Red lip? No, Earrings? No, High heels? No, Handbag? No”, she is basically stating the common things most girls have/wear and she is saying no because she is not like most girls. Each member is their own person, they don’t like to follow the guidelines society gave to them.

In the chorus they say “I love me, I like it. The lipstick that’ll look best on me” which means they will choose what they want. They like everything about them so they shouldn’t change because others say they should fit a certain criteria. That is what I like about this song! This whole song is about them being THEM!

They won’t change for someone else and I think every female out there should hear that. Every girl should do whatever makes them satisfied. They should be confident in their own skin! No one should tell them they can’t do something and if someone does they shouldn’t get discouraged because they are doing what makes them feel happy! Self love is the best kind of love!:)

These queens are delivering a great message so, I am obviously going to stan! What do you think of this song? Are you going to stan?


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