Justice for ATEEN

Hey everyone

For anyone who doesn’t know what’s been going on, these boys are ATEEN and six of them have been sexually assaulted by their company’s president and his wife. The others were forced to watch it happening.

They’ve been in therapy trying to deal with what happened and some of the boys are even taking sleep aids at night because they have insomnia from this. They were terrified to come forward because they were afraid it would ruin their careers and they wouldn’t be able to debut. Most of the boys thought this was just something they had to go through in order to debut; that it was just part of the industry.

Please help spread the word so we can see justice for ATEEN. No one deserves what has happened to them; please help them see those disgusting human beings be punished for what they’ve done.

No matter what fandom you belong to or what groups you support, please lend your support to these boys and show them how much we all love and care for them in this difficult time. Help them see justice done for the terrible things that have been done to them


Reposted from @ateen_official – 저희는 정의가 구현되길 희망합니다. 제발 저희를 도와주세요.

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