ITZY’s ‘Dalla Dalla’


Hi again it’s Maria! For today’s post I am going to talk about ITZY’s debut song “Dalla Dalla”! I know there are some people who disliked the song but here is my opinion and thoughts on the song!

I honestly think this song is so good! The meaning is similar to CLC’s “No”, it’s all about being different. They don’t care about what others see them as because they are just being themselves. Like Ryujin says in the beginning, they can be seen as “punks” but that is just how they are. They call themselves pretty but not attractive because I think they really aren’t trying to attract guys they just want to be how they want to be.

In the chorus they say they love themselves and that is all that matters to them. They live their own lives with no care for others and how others live their lives. They can be different from others but, that shouldn’t be a problem really. Which I think is great because everyone should live happily while minding their own business.

In the rap part of the song they say “Bad, Bad, I’m sorry I’m bad” which probably means that they’ve been seen as “bad”. Just because someone looks different, acts different, or is just in general different they shouldn’t be seen as a bad person. I personally think others should keep their judgments and thoughts to themselves because those thoughts can really hurt someone’s feelings.

In the bridge they say “Keep your chin up, we got your back, Keep your head up, just keep on dreamin’” which says it all! You have to be confident in what you are because that is you! You have to think ahead and be happy. Everyone should dream big without having anything in their way to stop them. If you know you are different, walk with pride because you are representing yourself and the things you like. It is all about being happy and I think everyone should be happy!

What do you think about the song? Do you agree with what these great girls are trying to say?


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