Betobetosan (べとべとさん)

I love onomatopoeia just as much as the next person so I was really excited to find this one! However, as someone who has a healthy fear of being followed/chased, this yokai is perhaps the one that freaks me out more than any other I’ve shown you all.

Betobetosan is named after the sound of wooden sandals clacking on the ground.  This yokai feeds off fear and does not take a particular form.  While technically harmless, I really wouldn’t want to run into this one…..the anxiety alone would probably give me a heart attack.

BetobetoWhen you’re walking alone down the street at night, imagine that you hear footsteps.  Not too big a need for concern, yeah? Probably just someone who is gonna turn off soon; not that concerning.  The farther you walk, the closer the footsteps sound until you’re almost sure that you can feel breath on the back of your neck.  You whip around and the footsteps have stopped but there’s no one there.  You turn and start back on your way but the footsteps are back again, shadowing just behind yours.

Have the shivers yet? By this point, if you realize that a betobetosan is following you, you simply step off the road and say “After you, betobetosan” and the footsteps will troop by you and continue on their merry way.  Soon you won’t even hear the steps anymore and you can cast the memory of the experience into the recesses of your mind.

Isn’t that terrifying? I would never want to encounter a betobetosan…..just thinking about it gives me anxiety.  What about you guys? Any of you want to meet a betobetosan?

~ Jordan

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