IU in The Producers

Hey guys Kennie here, and today I am going to talk about IU and her role in the Korean drama The Producers.

The Producers is a comedy that centers around four characters and what there life is like at a Korean public TV station. It follows characters Seungchan, Yejin, Jungmo, and Cindy and the events that happen while they are working at the TV station.

IU plays as Cindy, a popular singer who is called “Ice Princess” because of her poker face. She does an amazing job bringing Cindy to life as a character and with her portrayal of the character.  One of the things that really astounded me was that she acted out this character so well even though her personality is the complete opposite. Cindy is a more ruff around the edges kind of character that doesn’t like to get close to others where as compared to IU she has a more bubbly and outgoing personality and she did a very good job with this character.

I would most definitely recommend watching The Producers. It has such a good story line and is not only a comedy but also it touches on some more serious topics and does it very well.

Have you guys seen The Producers? if so let us know in the comments below what you thought!


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