Favorite IU Moments

Hey guys Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about some of my favorite IU moments!!


This is at a fanmeet she did for Loen Entertainment in 2015. The bunny costume origianally was a punishment she had for the show on SBS called Heroes. She wore the costume again even though she didn’t like it just for her fans.



Behind the Scenes

IU Interacting with her fellow costars behind the scenes is absolutely adorable. She is joking around and laughing with them and just bringing the mood up around her. Here’s a clip from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo BTS of some of her interactions.


IU on Running Man

IU was a guest on Running Man a couple times and it is quite funny watching her interact with the members. The clip I will show you is from episode 96 and it shows her joking around with Jae Suk and the others. She keeps up with them in there joke and even starts going along with it.


Park Myungsoo and IU on Infinity Challange

This is a funny moment from when IU was on Infinity Challange and she partnered with Myungsoo to make a song. This is when they were trying to come up with a dance for their song and it is very fun to watch.


IU Fansign

I always love seeing Idols interact with there fans most of all. In this clip you get to see IU happily chatting with some of her fans as she is signing things for them.


Did your favorite IU moment make it in our list? Let us know in the comments below!!


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