Siwon in Infinity Challenge

Hey guys Kennie here and today I am going to talk about Siwon and his appearances in the variety show, Infinity Challenge!

Siwon made an appearance in episode 420-424 of Infinity Challenges group of episodes “The Sixth Man.” In these episodes they are looking for someone to be their “Sixth Man,” and  he is teamed up with Haha for some of the episodes and you get to see some of his athletic side. Him and Haha ride around on bicycles for part of the episodes and you can tell that he is used to the exercise as he doesn’t get very winded and seems to enjoy it. It is also discovered that he can eat a lot in one sitting. He stops with Haha to eat at a restaurant but that isn’t all you see of it. There is a scene where he is telling the members about himself and he talks about it and shows a picture of him with a lot of food in front of him and a picture showing he finished the food. You also get to see his goofy side throughout the episodes and my favorite is when he is talking with Haha about becoming the sixth member and Haha says he is too handsome, so he makes a face which is uglier than Haha’s. Check out the clip below!


Have you guys seen Siwon in Infinite Challenge? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!!


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