Si-won’s Film History

So lets say you’ve watched all of Si-won’s drama but you still need more? Don’t worry we here at Weibuzz have you covered! We have a list of Si-won’s movies that you should definitely add to your watch list!

A Battle of Wits –  is an action war drama based in 370 B.C. About a lone warrior who helps Chinese soldiers fight hostile invaders.

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys – is a high school mystery/comedy about flower boys getting feces tossed of them.

I AM – is a 2012 South Korean documentary about the 32 artist in SM Town and their journey as Kpop stars and performing at Madison Square Garden.

Dragon Blade – is a historical action film starring Jackie Chan who plays Huo An who is the commander of The Silk Road Protection Squad which is a security team who keeps the peace on the Silk Road. When a Roman leader comes to claim the Silk Road its up to An to stop him and protect his country.

Helios – is an action crime movie about a nuclear war device which has been stolen by ruthless criminals.  It’s up to the territory’s Counter Terrorism Response Unit to put a stop to them and deal with the masterminds that are always one step ahead.

To the Fore – is a drama about two sprinters who compete in a cut throat road cycling competition.

So which movie are you going to start tonight?

~XO, Niki

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