Favorite Ailee Songs

Hey guys, Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about some of our favorite Ailee songs!

I Will Go to You Like the First Snow

This is a song that Ailee did for the K-Drama Goblin. This song is a ballad and it is my favorite song off the whole album. It fits with the drama so well and Ailee’s voice is such a perfect match for it. It has a melancholy sound to it and her singing brings tears to my eyes.


Mind Your Own Business

This song is about the struggles of being in a relationship where both parties end up hurting each other. It is suggested that they are both hurting each other by using their words and possibly actions as suggested by the music video. The song touches one being in this relationship and wanting it to end but also says that they have come too far. by the end of the video she had broken all of his things he held precious and walks away.


Don’t Touch Me

Don’t Touch Me is a very catchy song that can easily get stuck in your head. This song is about Ailee getting cheated on and that their relationship is over, but she has a hard time moving on. Ailee say she used “thorny words” and “perfectly turned away” but that she still has tears in her eyes but the love is over. Ailee does a wonderful job singing this song and I really like to listen to it.


I Will Show You

This is another song about cheating but it is a bit different than her last one. It starts out with a slow tempo as Ailee with glasses and two braids catches her boyfriend with another woman. As the song goes on Ailee is sad and wants to forget him but has a hard time. As the song progresses the song changes beat as Ailee comes out saying that She is going to show a prettier her and that she will be happier than him.


Did you see your favorite Ailee song? Let us know in the comments below!!


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