Songs Featuring Ailee

Ailee has been featured in numerous songs with various Korean artist and has even made a few soundtracks. Tonight we are breaking down our top 3 favorites and providing you a list of all the songs Ailee has featured in.
So happy listening!

Top 3 Favorite Ailee Features

3. Thirst

2. Jealousy

1. Q&A

List of Ailee Features:

The Guys Are Coming with Wheesung
Love Again with 2BiC
Highlight with Eru
I Forgot You with Joosuc
Shower of Tears with Baechigi
If it Ain’t Love with Verbal Jint
Wash Away with Geeks
Go Away with Maboos, Chakun, Feeidog
Higher with Yiruma
Love Hurts with Pro C
Beautiful with 2000 Won
Almost Paradise with Eric Benet
I’m in Love with 2LSON
A Real Man with Swings
Baby, It;s Cold Outside with Sung Si-kyung
Q&A with S. Coups, Woozi and Vernon of Seventeen
Loyalty with Dok2 and Groovy Room
Kiss with Wheesung
Bam-di-ra-ri-ra with Clon
Shine with Jeong Dong-hwan
Thirst with Mad Clown
Fly Away with Shin Seung-hun
Jealousy with Gummy
Decipher with Catch Me If You Can


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