Favorite Ailee Moments

Hey guys, Kennie here, and today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite Ailee moments!

Ailee Scared

Seeing Ailee’s reaction when she gets scared is always able to bring a smile to my face. Poor Ailee is scared of cats and they show up quite a bit in this video. I feel bad for laughing because she is genuinely scared but I can’t help but giggle at some of the things she runs away from!


Ailee plays game with Hyolyn

Ailee and Hyolyn play a game on Shimshimtapa, where Ailee has to sing a song and Hyolyn has to guess what group it it. Ailee gets flustered as she trys to think of the songs to sing but Hyolyn keeps up with her and guesses each group almost immediately. Hearing these two interact it adorable and can brighten anyone’s day!


Ailee Eating

Seeing any idol eat always makes me feel happy but Ailee takes that to another level. She looks so happy and content while eating it’s hard not to want to always feed her. It makes me happy to see her eating so well and I hope she continues to eat lots of tasty food in the future!


Ailee eating a Lemon

Ailee went on Weekly Idol for an episode and she was given a challenge where if she could eat a lemon withing a certain amount of time she would be given a meat set. She continues on to eat the lemon with no expression and wins the challenge. she gets so excited for winning the challenge and then the bitterness of the lemon hits her. It is a funny little moment that makes me smile.


Ailee Laughing

As always my absolute favorite moment is seeing an idol laugh and Ailee’s laugh is a very contagious one. Ailee has a very boisterous laugh that is full of joy. You can always tell she is happy and having a good time when she is laughing!


Did your favorite Ailee moment make it into our list? If not let us know what it is in the comments below!



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