Favorite G-Dragon Moments

Hey guys, Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about some of my favorite G-Dragon Moments!

GD and Sarang

Sarang is one of the children that appeared on the show “The Return of Superman.” On episode 97&98 Sarang gets a visit from one of her fans who is none other than GD himself! Both have been known to be big fans of each other and you can see it in their interactions! They are very cute and adorable couple of episodes that has made it’s way into one of my favorites!

GD Speaking English

GD’s english skills are very good. He is very fluent and pronounces the words very well. Some of the things he says in english make me laugh though. They seem so random and my favorite one to this day is probably “don’t touch my health food.”


Calm down my Heart Game

This is a game that is played on Weekly Idol and GD played it both the first time he appeared and the second time when he appeared with his group members. One person has to stand still while the other has to try and move an apple to the other persons stomach without touching it. Both times were hilarious and always make me laugh.


Random Dance Play

GD appeared on Weekly Idol as a solo artist and he had to do a random dance play. He got to pick 5 songs that would randomly be played and then had to perform the dance to the part of them played. He messed up on the choreography for “Tonight” and had to get Doni’s hammer, which was known for being able to make IU “Go out of her mind for 40 minutes.”


GD and 2NE1

2NE1 is disbanded but seeing all the videos of GD and 2NE1 interacting always brings a smile to my face. Whether he was just teasing the members or giving them a compliment(more often teasing) it was very heartwarming to watch.


Did your favorite moment make it in our list? Let us know in the comments below if it did and what is was!





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