UEE in You’re Beautiful

When you’re watching a drama, do you ever find a character that you just cannot stand? Either for their personality, their actions, or because they’re trying to break up your ship? For me, that character was Yoo He-yi, played by UEE.

UEE You're Beautiful 1

You’re Beautiful
follows twins Go Minam and Go Minyeo/Gemma (both played by Park Shin-hye).  Minam has won a place in A.N.JELL, a popular boy group, but he must go to the United States to fix some botched plastic surgery.  His manager goes to the convent to beg Minam’s twin sister Minyeo to secretly take his place for a month until he recovers.  She eventually caves, thinking that if she gets popular then maybe she can find their mother.

She soon meets Hwang Taekyung (played by Jang Keun Suk), Kang Shinwoo (played by Jung Yonghwa) and Jeremy (played by Lee Hongki), the other three members of the band who don’t know that she’s a woman.  Things start falling into place soon enough and while doing promotions for the band, Minyeo meets He-yi.  He-yi is an actress who figures out Minyeo’s real identity and plots to out her to the public.  She has a crush on Taekyung and sees the writing on the wall: Minyeo and Taekyung are slowly falling for each other and she needs to get the competition out of the way using any means possible, even if it means destroying her love interest’s band.

UEE and Salt Block

UEE is such a phenomenal actress that every time I see her I can’t help but to feel a small, irrational hatred for her whenever I see her XD.  She makes me think of her character He-yi and I get a small bit irritate; but that’s how you know someone is brilliant at acting.  You see them in something else and feel something for them from another drama you saw them in.  Even though her character is thoroughly irritating and I really wanted to reach through the screen and strangle her sometimes, I fell in love with UEE and how dynamic she is.  She really brought He-yi to life and I couldn’t think of anyone who could’ve done it better.

What do you guys think? For those of you who have seen this drama, were you impressed with UEE’s performance?

~ Jordan

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