Aggretsuko, also named Aggressive Retsuko, is a very cute Japanese Sanrio anime series that falls into the comedy genre. The anime follows Retsuko, an adorable but extremely frustrated, red panda who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. What makes this cute red panda very fun, is that in her free time, she vents her frustrations and anger by singing death metal karaoke!

Unfortunately, Retsuko just can’t catch a break between her co-workers who are just awful, and an even worse boss that doesn’t actually do anything except be a jerk and try his best to punish happiness. Her co-workers range from the typical gossips and a co-worker that “shares” work with Retsuko. In other words, Retsuko is forced to do the work of two people.

Throughout the anime, Retsuko will try and do other things outside of work to better her life, but her spying and gossiping co-workers usually catch on, forcing Retsuko to befriend or fool her co-workers.
I like this anime because it is very cute and it is pretty funny. It has its moments and all of the characters are always over-the-top and they over exaggerate everything. I think that’s what makes this anime funny overall. And Retsuko’s situations are relatable! Venting anger with deth metal karaoke is probably not a bad idea.

I love the art style for this anime because the art for it, looks like comic book art and it is a perfect fit for this anime.

I recommend this anime. Even if you don’t have a whole lot of time, the longest the episodes get is about 15 minutes.

Aggretsuko is also on Netflix! Check out the teaser for it here!



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