Uee in Television

Hey guys Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about Uee and her appearance in variety and reality TV shows.

Uee has made quite a few appearances on various variety shows throughout her career. She has a very charismatic and has a very charming personality which many people seem to get drawn into.  She appeared on Running Man and after that she captivated Yoo JaeSook and Lee Kwangsoo so much that various episodes after that they can be seen yelling “Uee Bogoshipda (Uee I miss you)” when they are partnered together. They even continue yelling it after they see her which causes her to burst into giggles.

Uee has a very caring personality that can be seen in Law of the Jungle when she cried because one of her fellow crew members had jumped into a freezing river for half an hour to catch fish for his tribe. She was worried for his health and had been seen quietly crying behind him.

Uee is a well loved person and charms many people with her wonderful personality. She genuinely cares for others and their well being which she shows time and time again through her actions.

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