UEE’s Drama Cameos

UEE has been in several dramas throughout her illustrious acting career but she’s also had a couple cameo appearances. A cameo, while only being a small part, is still a fairly important part of a drama and is often played by well known actors or actresses.

Everyone knows the drama She Was Pretty for Siwon’s role as Kim Shin-hyuk; did you know that UEE made a brief appearance in episode 9 as herself? She is a guest at the Most team’s anniversary celebration, wearing a beautiful dress and leaving her long hair loose about her shoulders.

Sent From Heaven follows a mother/daughter pair of fairies who have become grounded and must find a way to survive until their predicament is solved. Luckily for them, 2H Entertainment is financing a film shoot near and it just so happens to contain “fairies” wearing the same outfits as them. UEE makes a brief appearance as a Music Bank host in this drama, a role that also happened to be true outside of Sent From Heaven as UEE hosted Music Bank for about a year!

If you’ve seen either of those dramas, did you spot UEE? Do you have a favorite drama cameo? Let us know!

~ Jordan

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