Shiver is a collection of 10 select best-of short stories written by Junji Ito, the most well known horror manga author.

The stories in this collection will make your skin crawl, some of the stories will gross you out and the artwork fits the stories so they add to the stories by showing the story, without overwhelming the reader with too many pictures or words. The book cover brings everything together by showing something from each of the stories in this collection.

9 of the stories have a commentary page at the end. The last story is a “previously unpublished new story”, which makes it worthwhile to pick up this book.

I love the commentary segments at the end of each story, because those pages let you know how Ito came up with the idea for each story and those are just as interesting as the story itself.

The collection of stories include:

Used Record, which is a story about a mysterious record that everyone wants and people will do anything to have it.

Shiver, which is the story that will creep you out if you are not a fan of holes or doctors.

Fashion Model is the story that really makes use of the visuals to create the horror, and this is the story that raises quite a few questions.

Hanging Blimp is about air balloons that look hauntingly like people’s faces and these balloons who hunt their owners down.

Marionette Mansion is about a family that decides to hire puppeteers to decide for them and control their lives.

Painter is about a beautiful woman who models for artists to capture her beauty, but she claims that none of them are quite getting it and it drives these artists into spiraling craziness and desperation.

The Long Dream is the more sci-fi type of story in this collection. It shows what happens to a person after they have a very long dream, even though in reality, the person had only been asleep for a few hours.

Honored Ancestors brings creepy crawlies to a new light, making this one of the most unnerving stories in this collection.

Greased is about oil and pus, making this the most suffocating and disgusting story that you might ever read.

And the “previously unpublished new story”,

Fashion Model: Cursed Frame.

I recommend this collection of stories and if you do read this, don’t skip the commentary pages. They are absolutely worth reading. My favorite stories in the collection were honored ancestors and greased. If you’ve read this story collection, let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!


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  1. Shiver has best stories from Junji Ito! Several of them are awesome works from the Horror master. I have written fan analysis of long dream and hanging balloons (hanging blimp) and would be writing about Honored Ancestors soon. He has a knack for making the mundane scary and creepy, one of the reasons his work is often admired. Enjoyed your review!

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